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February 15, 2018

Visiting the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles

The Original Farmers Market situated at 6333 W 3rd Street in Los Angeles opened in 1934, although its origin can be traced further back to 1880 when one A. F. Gilmore purchased two dairy farms along with a business partner and developed a ranch spanning more than two hundred and fifty acres. It was far from the city back then. A. F. Gilmore struck oil while drilling for new wells to provide enough water to his expanding dairy herd. Gone were the herd and the farm to make way for oil exploration ...

November 15, 2017

Discover Hollywood: Top Things to Do

There are so many fun activities that await you in Hollywood. Hollywood is famous for the movie and television industry and is home to world-class restaurants and art galleries, museums and amusement parks and observatories and recording studios. Whether you are in Hollywood to stroll along the walk of fame or enjoy the thrill rides of an amusement park below you will enjoy a short list of the Top Things to Do in Hollywood California. Discover Hollywood: Top Things to Do Hollywood is located i...